Fear & Fail Events, Understanding Success
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Fear & Fail has an original and brave approach for deliberate growth


Workshops & Deliberate Development Programs

Fear & Fail for you

Modern entrepreneurship in all its forms promises a path of personal growth, creativity and success. Our public workshops are designed to provide you all the tools you need in order to look beyond the obvious, create your own stand and purposely set a strategy for achieving your potential since day one.

Fear & Fail for your community of entrepreneurs

Coworking spaces, business accelerators and other organizations that support entrepreneurship face the challenge of promoting cohesion among their members. Our Cohesion workshop is designed for breaking the natural barriers that make it difficult for entrepreneurs to find connections and opportunities.

Fear & Fail for your business

Businesses of all sizes face the challenge of constant change, although organizational cultures are designed to be extremely structured, planned and safe. Therefore change becomes more of an enemy than an opportunity. Our Fear & Fail program for businesses is designed to progressively create, maintain and adapt unique cultures that support authentic innovation and deliberate development where the people is truly at the center.

Meetup Chapters in your city

Fear & Fail Meetups are proven and effective ways to connect and contribute to the local community of business people. Fear & Fail chapters are meaningful to the participants and to the speakers, they create an empathic environment where honest conversation and storytelling is possible.

Chapter managers are considered Fear & Fail team members and they get access to all the information and support required for bringing their chapters to success. There is a path to follow: Fear & Fail Meetup Chapter and Fear & Fail Consulting Chapter. 

Feel free to reach us out if you would like to schedule a call with one of our team members.